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Chief Administrative Office 

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) provides organizational leadership to ensure corporate strategies meet public needs as determined by Council. All Department Directors report directly to the CAO. 

Clerk's Office 

The Clerk's Office is responsible for recording the proceedings and decisions of Council and ensuring that appropriate records are adequately and properly secured. The office is generally the first contact for the public. 

Development & Legislative Services 

In addition to the Clerk's Office, the Development and Legislative Services Department is comprised of the economic development manager, the by-law enforcement officer, and manages the contract for Animal Control and crosswalk guards. The department is responsible for Council support, records management, economic development, and enforcement of the town’s by-laws. 

Fire Department 

Riverview Fire & Rescue provides mutual aid fire services to neighbouring agencies and jurisdictions. Crew members are also trained in water and ice rescue, high angle and off-road rescue. 

Human Resources & Corporate Communications 

Riverview’s Human Resources (HR) & Corporate Communications department manages all issues pertaining to Town employment as well as internal and external communications priorities. HR includes such concerns as the Town’s benefits program, labour/management relations, employee records, and Town health and safety practices. Communications handles responsibilities such as resident inquiries, media relations, social media, promotional needs and more for the Town. 

Finance & Information Technology 

The Finance & IT department provides accounting and financial services for the Town as well as managing and procuring technology to maintain and improve service levels. Duties include such concerns as collection of all money of the municipality, preparation of financial statements, annual budgets, and accounting records. 

Parks, Recreation & Community Relations 

The staff of Parks, Recreation and Community Relations provide recreational and leisure programs as well as special events and cultural activities for Riverview residents and visitors. 

Social programming, indoor and outdoor facilities, events and festivals all fall under their jurisdiction. This department also maintains all Town-owned assets including parks and trails. 

Engineering & Public Works 

The Engineering and Public Works Department is responsible for the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the Town's water distribution system, sanitary sewer collection infrastructure, storm sewer infrastructure, and transportation street network.