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Council approves 2023 municipal budget 

Riverview Town Council completed 2023 budget deliberations today at a Special Council meeting, approving the final operating fund, utility operating fund and capital budgets. The total warrant to be raised from tax payers amounts to $30,635,135, with overall expenditures of $34,567,971.     
Council voted to reduce the tax rate by seven cents to $1.4826 per $100 of assessed property value. Property owners have experienced a rise in taxes as assessment rates climb due to market conditions.

Says Mayor Andrew J. LeBlanc, “Riverview Town Council is committed to Capital projects to improve town assets and infrastructure for residents. That said, during this year’s budget process, it was important for Council and staff to consider the impact that rising property taxes and cost of living is having across the board. I am pleased that Council approved a budget that not only maintained the importance of Capital projects, but also allowed us to reduce the tax rate by seven cents.” 

A one cent reduction in the tax rate is equal to around $206,600 in lower revenue. 
Therefore, this reduction reflects over $1,446,000 in reduced revenue 
projections for the Town. 

Notable highlights from the approved budget:   

  • Water and sewer bills have increased by $8 annually to $912 for residential customers and $3.32 per cubic metre for commercial customers.   
  • The Town’s Equalization Grant from the Province of New Brunswick in 2023 will be $1.3 million, representing a decrease this year of close to $200,000. 
  • The non-residential tax-rate multiplier has increased to 1.6. 
  • Codiac Transpo budget is $776,881 having now returned to full-service levels post COVID-19 decreases.
  • RCMP budget increased by over $500,000 compared to the 2022 
    budget (total approx. $4.8 million). Increase is owed to a proposed addition of five new officers and an increase in civilian staff (proposal of 25 officers and 18 staff over three years).

Investment in new staff positions have been made in departments to ensure the Town can continue to deliver our services to today’s service expectation standard:  

  • Parks and Recreation will add new Utility Worker in 2023 to help maintain our outdoor recreational spaces which have seen notable growth over the past numbers of years with the growth in Mill Creek and other parks facilities. 
  • Human resources will welcome a one-year-term Human Resources Assistant position to help facilitate employee recruitment and retention.  
  • Two new positions for Operators will be added to the Public Works team to ensure snow removal standards are maintained because of the expanding street network.  . 

General Capital infrastructure investments   

Notable investments in Parks and Recreation Infrastructure in 2023 include; 

  • The Riverview Recreation Complex Project is allocated $4.8 million for 2023, pending a commitment of funding from provincial and federal governments.  
  •  $921,212 to restore and upgrade playgrounds including McAllister Park, Goldsboro Park, Coverdale Recreation Centre, Wentworth Park, Park on Patirica Drive, Edison Park, and Manchester Park. 
  •  A $405,000 investment in Mill Creek will allow the Town to continue development of the trail south of the reservoir, implement a storm water attenuation project and acquire targeted land to expand the park in the future. 

Town’s street pavement program   
The annual paving schedule will address asphalt seal and resurfacing projects on Montgomery Ave (phase 2 – Coverdale to Fairfax), Bradford East Road (Cleveland to Montgomery), and Fairfax Road (Cleveland to Montgomery). Asphalt mill and overlay will improve Lakeside Drive and Pinder Road. Street reconstruction projects will include Windsor, Elmore, Darwin, Birkdale, and Inwood. 

Utility Capital budget  

There will be two watermain replacement projects for Yale Avenue, Biggs Drive, and Hillsborough Rd (Old Coach to Harmony). The Runneymeade water tank will have interior recoating in 2023 to prevent rusting and prolong the life of the tank. The boosted zone will be expanded in the Carriage Hill subdivision to increase water pressure in the area.      

General Capital Budget Investment in Equipment: 

The Town will invest in vehicles and equipment needs in 2023 to maintain and exceed service standards including;  

Public Works 

  • Two one-ton replacements. 
  • Two trackless for sidewalks maintenance.  
  • One plow truck replacement.  
  • Truck mount for paint equipment.  

Fire & Rescue 

  • $90,000 to replace the Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention’s vehicle 
  • $60,000 for a UTV replacement 
  • $110,000 to upgrade the Fire Hall’s boiler. 

Parks, Recreation and Community Relations 

  • $132,000 to replace two trucks 
  • $150,000 to replace a tractor 
  • $128,000 for replacement mowers and attachments                       
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