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Preparing for Hurricane Lee

RIVERVIEW (N.B.) – Riverview Fire and Rescue is advising residents to prepare as Hurricane Lee heads towards the Maritimes.

The current forecast has the Hurricane moving up the coast of Nova Scotia, centered north of Riverview, with effects to be observed as early as Saturday morning. The Town may experience the damaging effects of heavy wind and rain. This could result in downed power lines, flooding, and property damage.

The following preventive measures should be taken to minimize the damage to your property:

  • Place cars in garages or where they will be protected from flying debris, such as roof shingles or branches, etc.;
  • Secure items outside your home that could be blown away, such as patio furniture, garden ornaments, bins, etc.
  • Clean gutters for any possible blockages from leaves, dirt, and debris.

Other points to consider:

  • Keep pets indoors;
  • If you have vulnerable family members living alone, consider bringing them to your home to ensure they are safe;
  • Listen to the local media for any further warnings or emergency information;
  • Do not go outside unless it is safe, or it is absolutely essential that you do so. If you must go outside watch out for flying debris and wear eye and head protection if possible;
  • Make sure your generators and vehicles are full of fuel;
  • Make sure that all your electronic devices (cellphone, tablets, etc.) are fully charged;
  • Have some spare cash in the house in case ATMs are not working;
  • Do not drive unless you have to. If you have to drive, drive slowly and with great care, use hazard lights for visibility;
  • If power lines are brought down by high winds STAY AWAY from them. Do not touch any item that may be touching power lines. HIGH VOLTAGES KILL. Report downed power lines to the fire department and NB Power;
  • Have your 72-hour kit ready. It should include items such as:
    • Food for three days for family members and pets;
    • Flashlight with spare batteries;
    • Supply of water for three days;
    • First Aid kit;
    • Radio, batteries;

For more information on emergency preparedness check the Town’s Emergency Measures page: www.townofriverview.ca/public-safety/emergency-preparedness

To report a concern or issue regarding flooding or fallen trees on public streets please call the 24/7 Public Works line: 506-387-2030.  

For fallen power lines, or other dangerous situations, call 911.

For general power-related concerns (i.e. branch on a line) please notify NB Power by calling 1-800-663-6272. 

A website has been created to provide situational information and resources for New Brunswickers regarding Hurricane Lee. GNB.ca/Hurricane



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