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Local Clinic Gets Riverview Moving and Feeling Better

Riverview is a place where active lifestyles thrive. The trails and parks support residents through four seasons of activities. But what happens when your body needs to heal and recover to get back to enjoying those activities with ease? For many, they visit Rehab 1 Performance Center.  

After building a successful brand in their first location, opened in 2016 on St. George St., expanding to Riverview was the next right move for the clinic’s growth.  

“Business founder, John Gonzales, was looking to expand to Riverview with physiotherapist, Kyle Sutton, and they reached out to myself about joining together to open Rehab 1 Riverview,” explained co-owner and physiotherapist, Mike Sansom. “I had been practicing in Riverview for six years at that point and was excited to be part of a fantastic team and bring their work culture and collaborative care practice to Riverview.” 

“The Town is great at promoting an active lifestyle for residents, which is something we are supportive of,” he added. “Seeing the progress on Mill Creek over the years has been amazing and we have so many patients that appreciate the walking trails in Riverview. Add the riverfront trail, the upcoming development of a new recreation center, and activities promoted through carnivals and events. There is a real emphasis here on giving people opportunities to be active at any age, making it easy to recommend activities close to home.”

Supporting an active lifestyle is second nature to the Rehab 1 team. 

“Our practitioners are skilled at promoting ways to stay active that make the most sense for the patient - whether that be hiking, running, or simply working in their garden,” he said. “We work one-on-one with patients to help them achieve their personal rehabilitation goals. We have a very large open gym area that allows us to better assess and treat patients to move better and feel better.” 

As leaders, they bring extensive experience to the Rehab 1 Riverview team. Inspiration comes from within, as they cultivate a culture of learning and growing together. 
“We have an amazing team of energetic individuals that are constantly striving to grow and improve themselves in order to better assist patients,” he said. “Seeing colleagues provide that exceptional care is very motivating and working side-by-side allows us to collaborate and propel each other to the next level.” 
Care is in the air at their clinic located at 639 Pinewood Rd, with practitioners often consulting to improve the results of patients. 

“Rehab 1 strives to provide exceptional care for our patients with our ability to collaborate amongst our many professions within the clinic,” explained Sansom. “Our workplace culture is incredibly supportive of and has an uplifting energy that can be felt by everyone who comes through our doors.”  

Their work expands beyond their physical office, with the team contributing to a thriving community through volunteering and supporting programs.  

“Community involvement has been important to us from opening day,” he said. “We do not just talk the talk, we act on this core belief through our volunteer work with high school sports and participation and sponsorship of Town events. As business owners, we feel a responsibility to contribute to the wellbeing of residents whenever we can.”
After five years in Riverview, Rehab 1 has seen many patients heal and grow – a success shared by their team of practitioners. To them, community is more than a group they serve or a place they operate, it is a sense of connection that stretches past the walls of their clinic. 

“Community means people working together to help improve the local environment and the lives of those who live there,” explained Sansom. "I love seeing patients at school sporting events or walking around the trails in Riverview. Practicing here for more than a decade now means that I have seen former patients grow up and start their own families, I have had students shadow at the clinic that have now moved on to becoming physiotherapists themselves! That is really rewarding.” 

Come on out to Winter Carnival Ignite on Sunday, February 5 (new date), to meet some of the Rehab 1 team in person. They are the proud sponsors of sledge skating during the event which allows residents with reduced or limited mobility to enjoy skating at the Oval. The event kicks off at 6:30 and promises fun for all ages with hot chocolate, skating, fireworks and more! 

Follow them online or check out what their clinic can offer to assist with your health goals - www.rehab1.ca 

Instagram - rehab1performancenb  

Facebook - Rehab 1 Performance Center Riverview 

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