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Municipal Emergency Measures Plan

Riverview, Dieppe and Moncton develop a joint emergency measures plan

A new Municipal Emergency Measures Plan (MEMP), created with the goal of facilitating rapid, effective and coordinated emergency response, has been developed by the three municipalities. The joint plan was adopted by Riverview during the regular meeting of the municipal council on April 9, and by Moncton on May 7. It will be adopted by Dieppe on May 14.

"All community members have a role to play to improve security before and after an emergency situation. This joint plan details everyone's roles and enables efficient and effective response, while eliminating duplication of efforts and wasted resources," says Fire Chief Conrad Landry, Director of the Municipal Emergency Measures Organization for Dieppe.

The MEMP uses the Incident Command System (ICS) to manage emergency and disaster response by using a uniform structure and resources.

"The ICS is designed to be used in all types of emergency situations, including natural hazards, and both intentional and involuntary human actions. "The ICS is used all over the world and has proven itself during many events requiring an emergency response," adds Fire Chief Éric Arsenault, Director of the Municipal Emergency Measures Organization for Moncton. 

The three municipalities adopted the MEMP with the intention of being a sustainable community that is resilient to disasters, and in which private and corporate citizens cooperate with the Municipal Emergency Measures Organization to cultivate and maintain a community culture of effective emergency preparedness.

"The new regional plan will be implemented in June during the Brunswick Alpha 2018 exercise. It is an emergency preparedness exercise aimed at giving communities the opportunity to practise their role in the case of an emergency situation," states Fire Chief Denis Pleau, Director of the Municipal Emergency Measures Organization for Riverview.

The three municipalities are delighted to see this collaborative project come to fruition, and invite residents to consult a summary of the MEMP on their respective websites. They will find important information there, such as 72-hour emergency preparedness and the Alert Ready system, which is now able to send emergency messages to wireless devices.

The municipalities of Riverivew, Dieppe and Moncton would like to take this opportunity to offer their thoughts to flood victims in our neighbouring regions and to offer their support to those who have been working tirelessly for the last few weeks. Teams have been dispatched to the scene to help victims and assist response teams during these unprecedented floods.


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