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Newly paved roundabout with grass in the center

Tips On Navigating Roundabouts

With the opening of the roundabout at Pine Glen Rd. and Pinewood Rd., the Town of Riverview would like to remind residents of some best practices when it comes to travelling these types of intersections on wheels and on foot.

What is a roundabout?

A roundabout is an intersection type that uses circular traffic flow instead of traffic lights or stop signs where the traffic flows counter clockwise around a center island.

Why use a roundabout?

  • To keep traffic moving: Since there are no stop signs or traffic signals, traffic is able to move slowly around the circle. This can mean less delay, less vehicle queuing with fewer stops for vehicles and more consistent traffic flow.
  • Road safety: Roundabouts help control vehicle speeds at an intersection. Some collisions that occur at 90-degree intersections can result in serious injury due to the speed of the vehicles angle of impact. Roundabouts can provide a safer way to move vehicles through an intersection, as the vehicle speeds are low and more consistent.
  • Pedestrian safety: Pedestrian movements through a roundabout are separated into crossing one direction of traffic at one time. Pedestrians only have to watch for vehicles approaching from one direction at each crossing. The crosswalks are offset from the roundabout so that traffic approaching the intersection can focus on pedestrians before entering the roundabout.

How do drivers use a roundabout?

  1. Slow Down 
  • Reduce your speed on approach
  • Watch for people at the crosswalks and prepare to stop
  • Read signs and determine your exit
  1. Yield
  • Vehicles in the roundabout have the right-of-way
  • Yield to vehicles on your left prior to entering the circle
  1. Enter the Roundabout
  • Proceed into the roundabout keeping to the right of the center circle, when there is a gap
  1. Exit the Roundabout
  • Continue until you reach your exit and signal right to inform others of your intent
  • While you are exiting, keep watch for people using the crosswalk and prepare to stop

How do pedestrians use a roundabout?

  • Cross at the marked crosswalk. Do not cross through the center island.
  • Push the button to activate the flashing warning lights and wait for a gap in traffic.
  • Cross one direction of traffic at a time.

How do cyclists use a roundabout?

  1. Ride: If biking on the road, ride through the roundabout the same as a motor vehicle


       If riding on a multi-use trail, use the multi-use trail crossing locations.

  1. Walk: If connecting from a sidewalk, dismount and walk your bike across the crosswalk the same as a pedestrian.



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