Town of Riverview / News / Public Statement: Riverfront Night Market

Public Statement: Riverfront Night Market

The Town of Riverview wishes to provide the following statement clarifying the reasons for cancelling the remaining Riverfront Night Market dates:


The popularity of the Riverfront Night Market far exceeded expectations and resulted in operational challenges for the resources available in the first few weeks to maintain compliance to the protocols expected for events of that size.  

Because of this, and less resources available for future events, we could not ensure the remaining events would be managed properly and adhere to the requirements of the COVID-19 Operational Plan.=

Though the Town would have liked to continue forward given the positive reaction to the market and interest from the public, we made the difficult decision to end the season early.

Through setting up the market, it was the Town’s intention to support local business and provide them with a platform to get their products in the hands of consumers during these unprecedented times.

The Town would like to thank the National Farmers' Union in New Brunswick for providing critical financial support, and to the vendors, patrons, volunteers and staff that made this event possible.

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