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It is our responsibility to provide a safe community for our citizens and their pets. Licensing plays an important role in our ability to fulfill this responsibility. A licence allows animal control to identify your pet, get in touch with you, and make decisions that are in the best interest of your pet should it become lost or injured.

If you own a dog or cat in the Town of Riverview, you are required to hold a valid pet licence. The owner of an unlicensed pet can be fined up to $50.00.

You can license your pet online, over the phone, by mail, or in person.

Pet licensing in Riverview is managed by DocuPet Inc. Visit their website at riverview.docupet.com to license your pet and learn more about their Lost Pet System and local DocuPet Rewards Program that are included with your pet licence.

License Your Pet Now  

How to License Your Pet

The Riverview pet licensing program is managed by DocuPet Inc. DocuPet provides a licensing solution that is simple and convenient, and includes added benefits for pet owners. You can license online in less than five minutes and will immediately gain access to your profile, which is used to reunite you with your pet in the event that they become lost. You will be in compliance as soon as you complete the form, provide proof of your pet’s rabies vaccination, and your pet tag will be sent in the mail within 8 to 10 business days.

Licensed in the past? Renew Your Pet Licence

You can also license:

  • Over the phone by calling 1-855-249-1370 (if proof of valid rabies vaccination is on file)
  • By mail to: Town of Riverview at 30 Honour House Court, Riverview, NB, E1B 3Y9. Please make cheques payable to Town of Riverview. (Download Offline Form)
  • In person at Riverview Town Hall

Click here to learn more about your licensing options and get started today.

Fees and Fines

Licences are required for all dogs and cats living in Riverview. Licences must be renewed every year prior to the expiration date. Failure to present a valid licence will result in a fine of $50.

Click here to renew your pet's licence.

  • $15 for a neutered or spayed cat or dog
  • $30 for a cat or dog that has not been neutered or spayed

To apply for a licence, pet owners must present a valid rabies certificate. Only indoor cats, defined as a cat that never leaves the confines of its owner's residence, are exempt from the rabies certificate requirement.

Please note that Riverview's licensing program operates on a 365 day cycle. This means that all licences expire the following year on the date they were purchased.

Have questions?

Explore our FAQ or get in touch with us.

Have a question about licensing or the DocuPet program? Contact customer service at: 1-855-249-1370

Get in touch with the NB SPCA. Call 905-898-7122

No longer own your pet?

Get in touch with the DocuPet customer service team to update your record by calling 1-855-249-1370 or emailing info@docupet.com.

Pet lost?

DocuPet’s Lost Pet Report can help. Login to your profile and report your pet lost using the red button. An email will go out to community members letting them know how they can help.

What do the fees for pet licensing support?

Licensing fees help cover the costs of essential animal services including:

  • Emergency service all year round
  • Feeding, sheltering, and safekeeping of impounded animals
  • Supporting the rescue of lost and/or homeless animals
  • Supporting medical care for sick or injured dogs or cats
  • Public education initiatives in schools and within the community


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