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Hydro Weed+ owner standing next to branded truck

Steaming Ahead - Hydro Weed Plus Offers Eco-Friendly Weed Control

Michael Slaney’s business grew out of the competing passions of being environmentally conscious and a growing disdain for the incessant weeds taking over his waterfront property in Upper Coverdale. As many can attest, weeds and wild plants often grow faster than you can kill them, seeming to taunt property owners in their determination to take over driveways, walkways, and garden beds. When Michael discovered a steam-based technology that effectively kills these pesky plants with no adverse environmental impact, he made it his mission to educate people in thermal weed control.

“I found a supplier in Alberta that uses a commercial version of a steam cleaner that works better than just steam. The SatusteamTM system effectively controls weeds without harming waterways, wells, or areas where children or pets play,” says Michael.

Michael offers this service in hopes of supporting soil biodiversity and reducing the environmental impact of chemical spraying. The steam treatment puts nutrients back in the soil and reduces the soil seed bank so that, with multiple treatments, less weeds emerge over time. Not for lawn use, as the steam would damage the grass, Michael treats hardscapes such as driveways and walkways, as well as softscapes such as play areas and garden beds. He has even used his machine to treat the outdoor dog space at the Moncton SPCA and a local doggy daycare.

Creating a sustainable future for his children and raising his family in a community that is close to nature go hand-in-hand for Michael and his family. An outdoor enthusiast, Michael takes great pride in his business and loves talking to people about their landscaping needs and ways to live sustainably.

“I draw inspiration from my customers seeking natural, environmentally friendly ways to look after their property, and from my kids, who get so excited about bugs, plants, and the outside,” says Michael. “Riverview has been a nature-oriented and supportive place to grow our family and our business.”

While weeds are a nuisance, Michael is an advocate for living in harmony with nature while not surrendering to ugly and destructive weeds. Hydro Weed Plus is a natural, chemical-free weed control solution. In addition to guilt-free weed control, they offer a variety of lawn and garden maintenance to keep your property in tip-top shape. Breathe easy knowing that you are eliminating weeds in a safe and effective way!

Michael steaming the Riverview Community Garden