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Riverview P.R.O. Kids

Each year, hundreds of Riverview kids are unable to participate in registered sport, artistic, cultural, and recreational activities because of the costs. Registration fees and equipment and transportation costs are beyond the reach of many families. And so, many children who would love to play a sport, attend dance classes, or enroll in a program are left watching from the sidelines. Riverview Positive Recreation Opportunities (P.R.O.) Kids is about giving all children access to valuable recreation activities. 

Application Periods:

  • Spring applications accepted only during the month of February.
  • Summer applications accepted only during months of April and May
  • Fall applications accepted only during the months of July and August.
  • Winter applications accepted only during the month of November.


How to Apply:

1.  Check the application periods above and ensure you are applying during one of the four application periods.

2.  Do you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a Riverview resident.
  • Your child is not in another paid program during the season for which you are applying.
  •  You can provide contact information for 2 references who is not a family member that can verify that you are in financial need

3.  Select a program (check the list of partners in the link to the right if you are not sure what program to choose for your child).

4.  Submit your confidential application clicking here.

5. Wait to hear from the coordinator if your child is approved for funding. Note that PRO Kids works directly with organizations to help cover fees- we do not reimburse families for registration fees.


Community Support:

Riverview P.R.O. Kids receives donations and fundraising support from individuals, community groups and local businesses. Thank you to everyone whose generosity allows us to continue giving Riverview kids the opportunity to grow and be enriched by sports, arts, and culture.

  • To learn about how to make a financial contribution today, click here.
  • To learn about how to become an Activity Partner, contact the program coordinator
  • To purchase a limited edition Pewter Gazebo Ornament, click here, call 506-387-2024 (credit card only) or visit the Parks and Recreation office at 55 Biggs Drive, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m.
A Pewter Ornament