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By-law Enforcement

By-laws are in place to guard the safety of all Riverview residents. But without enforcement, the wellness of residents is at risk. In Riverview, by-law enforcement and administration is handled by the Department of Corporate Service. The by-law enforcement divison includes a By-Law Enforcement Officer, an Animal Control Officer, and Maritime Enforcement Services.

The By-Law Enforcement Officer oversees by-laws regarding land use (such as dangerous and unsightly premises, standards for maintenance of residential buildings, garbage collection, recreational areas and the zoning and building by-laws); regulatory by-laws relating to health and safety, parking, noise and curfews (often enforced in collaboration with the Codiac Regional RCMP); and animal control and fire protection by-laws.

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Afterhours complaints regarding excessive noise, firearms, and curfews should be reported directly to the RCMP.

All complaints or inquiries concerning animals should be reported to Animal Control.

For all other by-law issues: Report A Concern
By-Law Enforcement Officer