Financial Incentive Program

Rivertonians enjoy a high quality of life and an abundance of green space, while businesses and property owners enjoy some of the lowest operating costs in all of North America.

If you’re an existing or aspiring developer, the Town of Riverview offers a competitive incentive for non-residential and mixed-use development projects that accelerate growth and development in the Town’s most prized commercial zones. Property owners that promote private-sector investment through development, redevelopment, and construction activity on underdeveloped or vacant commercial land are eligible to apply. 

  • Successful applicants will receive a percentage of the post-project’s assessed economic value that will be administered on a declining scale over a number of years:

Projects valued less than $5,000,000 = grant over 5 years
Projects valued more than $5,000,000 = grant over 10 years        

Our team of qualified experts are on-hand to help you with all of your development needs. Contact us today to get started or download our program criteria and application for more information!

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