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Help Riverview be Crowned Canada's Most Active Community


Join the ParticipACTION Community Challenge 

May 29, 2023, Riverview, NB – June is recognized as Parks and Recreation Month, a time when communities across the country come together to celebrate the importance of outdoor activities, physical fitness, and the preservation of green spaces. It serves as a reminder of the numerous benefits that recreational activities bring to individuals and communities alike. 

As part of Recreation Month, the Town of Riverview is thrilled to announce the launch of the ParticipACTION Community Challenge, a nationwide initiative promoting physical activity and sport throughout the month of June. This exciting challenge encourages individuals and organizations across Canada to get active and compete for the prestigious title of Canada's Most Active Community. 

"The ParticipACTION Community Challenge provides an excellent opportunity for communities to come together, support one another, and create lasting positive changes in residents' lives," said David Shea, Director of Parks, Recreation, and Community Engagement. "Whether it's going for a walk in Mill Creek, participating in a group fitness class, cycling along the waterfront, or going for a swim - every minute counts towards building a healthier and more active community." 

The ParticipACTION Community Challenge is open to everyone, from individuals to local businesses, schools, and community organizations. The goal is simple: to track and accumulate physical activity minutes using the free ParticipACTION app and website from June 1 to June 30. Every minute logged contributes to a community's total score, creating a friendly competition to inspire and motivate Canadians to embrace an active lifestyle. 

“There is no shortage of outdoor enthusiasts and trail options to explore around Riverview. Join us in the ParticipACTION Community Challenge, and let's demonstrate the incredible spirit of our community as we compete to be named Canada's Most Active,” said Mayor Andrew J. LeBlanc. “Together, we can inspire others and join a nationwide movement to improve the overall health and fitness of our communities.” 
Track your physical activity throughout the month of June using the ParticipACTION app to contribute to the Town’s total active minutes. When you register – your postal code will automatically enter you into Riverview’s team for the Community Challenge. Need some ideas on ways to get active? Check out our events page for upcoming activities like the Community Bike Rodeo, Community Bike Ride, Yoga in the Park, and SUNFEST. 

After the challenge ends on June 30, the top 50 communities will be invited to submit an application explaining why they deserve to be crowned Canada's Most Active Community. The selection process will consider not only the total number of activity minutes but also the community's creativity, inclusivity, and commitment to promoting physical activity and sport. The grand prize is $100,000 for one community in Canada. Four prizes of $7,500 or $15,000 can also be won. Winners will be notified in July.  

For more information and to register for the ParticipACTION Community Challenge, please visit and download the ParticipACTION app from the App Store or Google Play.  




About ParticipACTION 

ParticipACTION is a national non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and encouraging physical activity and sport participation among Canadians of all ages and abilities. By providing resources, programs, and initiatives, ParticipACTION aims to inspire and motivate individuals and communities to live healthier and more active lives. 

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