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Owner of People's Pavillion standing by counter with sign

The People’s Pavillion – People Helping People

A local business owner has opened a space to contribute to fellow entrepreneurs' success. Melissa Ferguson recently opened The People’s Pavillion, an exciting new gathering place for residents and business owners that offers a supportive environment to work independently or in a group.  

“I always wanted to build something that would impact people from all walks of life — a business that not only prioritizes self-care but also extends its reach into creating a broader impact in my community,” says Melissa.  

Melissa’s vision led to this unique, forward-thinking space. More than just a gathering spot, this multifaceted hub includes a community food pantry, salon, massage therapist, a boutique showcasing local artisans, a library stocked with books for business development, and a collaborative workspace centered around connection and good coffee that has been designed for workshops, networking, and group meetings. 

Having relocated from Ontario just last year, Melissa deliberately chose Riverview as her business location due to the unwavering support she received from the locals.  

“Riverview’s tight-knit community has embraced me wholeheartedly, offering encouragement, guidance, and a sense of belonging that I couldn’t have found anywhere else,” she says. “By opening my business in Riverview, I hope to become an integral part of this vibrant community, fostering connections, supporting local initiatives, and creating a space where individuals can come together to thrive and grow.” 

Beyond running her business, Melissa has set up a DreamPilot Youth Sponsorship program, which allocates 5% of all in-house proceeds to assist young entrepreneurs. Complimenting this philanthropic effort, she has curated a series of workshops and networking events to empower individuals and businesses alike.   

The grand opening of The People’s Pavilion is set to take place on Saturday, February 17, at 708 Coverdale Road, from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. The event will comprise of personal development and business speakers, opportunities to meet in-house vendors, refreshments, unveiling of their new food pantry, and a chance to contribute to the DreamPilot program through donations. Be sure to visit their event page for a schedule and full details! 
To stay connected with The People’s Pavillion, visit their Facebook page: