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The Town of Riverview is constantly evaluating the quality and quantity of recreation opportunities for residents. When needed, and approved by Town Council, new parks and recreation infrastructure will be built, and existing parks renovated. Here are some of the projects currently underway in your Town.

Project Start Date End Date

Mill Creek Park

A number of priority projects from the Mill Creek Masterplan will be addressed in 2023, including: 

  • Continued development of the trail south of the reservoir, which consists of a 3m tailings trail spanning 1.1km. 
  • Storm water attenuation project to mitigate the storm water impacts from adjacent developments impacting the park. 
  • Targeted land acquisition to expand the park for the primary purpose of protecting the park’s ecological footprint to ensure sustainable future development. 
Jan 1, 2023 Dec 31, 2023

Riverview Recreation Complex

Following the completion of the facility’s schematic design, the final stage of design development is expected to occur. Design development includes all details and specifications required for construction, such as the interior and exterior finishes, elevations, code compliance and the building systems. Funds are also allocated for the recruitment of a construction management consultant to provide critical input into the facility’s design on general constructability, including building materials, cost controls, schedules, etc. The final portion of capital expenditures for this project will be used for site preparations and building footprint and envelope to ensure the project remains on schedule for a 2026 opening. 

The current spending plan assumes a funding commitment from both levels of government by March 2023. 

Jan 1, 2023 Jan 1, 2023

Parks & Playgrounds

The design, supply and installation of playground equipment, protective surfacing, site amenities and site restoration at seven (7) municipal parks to enhance the current play value and accessibility. In most instances newly installed features will be supplemental to existing features. Playgrounds include: 

  • Coverdale Centre Playground - New playground installation is completed. Park is open.
  • Patricia Drive Park - New playground installation is completed. Park is open.
  • Goldsboro Park - New playground installation is completed. Park is open.
  • Wentworth Park - New playground installation is completed. Park is open.
  • McAllister Park - New playground installation is completed. Park is open.
  • Edison Park (new surfacing) - Completed.
  • Manchester Park (new surfacing, swings) - Completed. Swing parts on back order.

Last updated December 13, 2023

May 8, 2023 Sep 29, 2023

Active Transportation

Continued development of the Town’s Active Transportation network through various neighbourhood connections or improvements. Most notably, 2023 projects include restoration of sections of the Riverfront trail to a consistent width for user comfort, vehicle access and winter maintenance. 

Jun 1, 2023 Oct 1, 2023
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