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Strategic Plan

The Town’s Strategic Plan helps guide decisions that will affect the livability, sustainability, and future of Riverview. Town Council adopted the Town of Riverview's 2021-2026 Strategic Plan with support from senior management in December 2021.


To be a thriving, safe and inclusive community where present and future generations live well and share a sense of belonging, and the local economy prospers.


The Town of Riverview provides strong leadership, good governance and quality municipal services that make for a vibrant, active and safe community for residents and business owners.

Strategic Themes

  • Safe and Inclusive Community
    Riverview is an inclusive community that is free of barriers, where trust is present, and all residents enjoy a good quality of life and a sense of belonging.
  • Building a Sustainable Community
    Riverview plans, builds, and maintains public infrastructure to sustain it for today and future generations. And it establishes policies, practices and programs that focus on the sustainability of the community and environment we operate in.
  • Thriving Community
    Riverview creates a supportive and attractive environment where local businesses, developers, entrepreneurs and residents can thrive.
  • Active and Engaged Community
    Riverview is a community where residents are physically, socially and mentally engaged, and have a sense of belonging and support in our community
  • Service Excellence
    Riverview remains a community of choice because of its continued excellence in the delivery of municipal services as well as its fiscally responsible approach to growth and sustainability