Riverview Town Hall

The Town’s Strategic Plan helps guide decisions that will affect the livability, sustainability, and future of Riverview. Town Council adopted the Town of Riverview's 2016-2020 Strategic Plan with support from senior management in December 2016.


To be a thriving, safe and welcoming community where present and future generations live well, and the local economy prospers.


The Town of Riverview provides strong leadership, good governance and quality municipal services that make for a vibrant, friendly and safe community for residents and business owners.

Strategic Themes

  • A safe and welcoming community

Riverview is a community of choice where families feel safe, where residents enjoy a good quality of life and have pride in their community.

  • Planning for the future

Riverview plans, builds and maintains its public infrastructure to meet the needs of our growing and increasingly diverse community.

  • Smart and Sustainable Growth

Riverview attracts new investment through a growth plan that recognizes the significance of its residential neighbourhoods, protection of its natural surroundings and commitment to long-term sustainability. This includes attracting niche business opportunities as well as investment in specific sectors, such as tourism.

  • Fiscal Responsibility and Service Excellence

Riverview remains a community of choice because of its continued excellence in the delivery of municipal services as well as its fiscally responsible approach to growth and sustainability.

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