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Wed, Aug 16, 2023
AT 11:42 AM ADT


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Council Highlights - August 14, 2023

Council Highlights provide a snapshot of public meetings. For the official record, please refer to the adopted minutes, which are posted once approved at the next month’s Regular Council Meeting. Consult this meeting's agenda to view presentations and files mentioned in the Council Highlights. 


Regular Council Meeting – August 14, 2023



· Public Hearing/Regular Council Meeting – July 10, 2023


  • R. Blaquiere - Request to ban the sale and use of fireworks within the Town of Riverview - Council decided no further action was required as By-Law 500-11 requires a permit to set off fireworks within town limits and there is local access to purchase these goods already, as the sale of fireworks is not prohibited in neighbouring communities.


  • Presentation by Jeff LeBlanc, VP of Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists - Mr. LeBlanc gave an informative presentation on the effects of radon and encouraged that all houses and buildings to be tested.
  • Presentation by Ketan Raval, Board Member/Founder - Moncton Cares - Mr. Raval spoke of the impact and difference the organization is making for newcomers in our community. He announced they will be expanding their services to a physical location in Riverview in September.



  • Grant Report - August 2023 - An updated grant report for 2023 was provided. Staff approved a recommendation within the grant report to Baseball NB in the amount of $500.
  • Change to Procedural By-Law - Council passed a motion to give direction to staff to start the process of implementing a change to the procedural bylaws that stipulates that when Council makes a decision, that decision cannot be reconsidered for 12 months.
  • Proposed Amendment - Policy - Council Conference Attendance - FCM and UMNB - Council passed a policy amendment that stipulates that when a member of Council is elected to the Board of UMNB or FCM, they will be permitted to attend the annual conference that year and expenses not covered by the Board will be covered by the Town.
  • Mid-Year Progress Report on Strategic Plan - Council was provided an update on the Town's strategic plan. As CAO Smith was not in attendance, any questions Council has on the document will be addressed at the next meeting.
  • Long Range Capital Plan - Council moved to endorse the updated 10-year general capital budget plan as presented on August 14, 2023, and direct staff to use it to guide the development of the annual general capital and operating budgets.
  • Long Term & Interim Borrowing - Resolution - Authorization to Borrow (Riverview Recreation Complex) - Council passed a motion to give authorization to borrow funds for the Riverview Recreation Complex.
  • Resolution - Appointment of By-Law Enforcement Officer - Council appointed Mathieu Savoie as the new bylaw enforcement officer.


Council will next meet for the Regular Council Meeting on Monday, September 11th at 7 p.m.

The meeting will be live-streamed on our website.

Visit to view it and find the agenda available on Thursday prior to the meeting. For more information contact; 506-387-2136