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Tue, Apr 23, 2024
AT 15:47 PM ADT


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Sewer cleaning truck person standing beside drain

Sewer Cleaning Underway in Riverview

Routine sewer cleaning and video inspection is underway in the Town of Riverview.

The work will be begin around the Page Street and Westminister Avenue area, moving along Sussex Avenue working South between Trites Road and Buckingham Avenue.

The work is expected to be ongoing throughout the summer months until completed. The Town of Riverview maintains approximately 125 km of sanitary sewer and 100 km of storm sewer lines.

The Town recommends residents take some precautions while the sewer cleaning is taking place in their area as air pressure in the sewer main can force water to bubble and splash from toilets, sinks and drains. Tips include:

  • Ensure any back water valves installed in your house are free of debris and working correctly.
  • Cover or cap basement floor drains.
  • Close lids on all toilets in your house when not in use.
  • Insert / close drain plugs in sinks and tubs.
  • Remove any floor mats or anything on the floor that could be damaged by water. Place an old towel around the base of toilets to absorb any water that may seep from under the lid.

In some cases, a sewer odor may be left in the home after cleaning of a nearby line. If this occurs, residents are advised to run water in sinks and showers, flush toilets, pour water into basement floor drains and open a window to help dissipate the odor.

For more information on the sewer cleaning, residents can review the Town's ‘Sewer Cleaning Q & A’.

Sewer cleaning map