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Owner standing by checkout counter at salon

TANgelic Salon – Illuminating Beauty & Building Community

Scott Lutes knows that loyalty to local businesses is a big part of what makes small communities special.

His wife Lisa had a nail salon in the basement of their home until three and a half years ago, when they decided to move to a brick-and-mortar location on Pine Glen Road. At the time, Riverview did not have any tanning locations, so they added that service as well. Since then, TANgelic Salon has continued to expand their service offerings to include luxury tanning beds, a cocoon wellness pod, teeth whitening, spray tans, and gel nails.

“Our staff are experienced, our salon is spotless, and we always welcome new clients! Community is family to us,” says Scott.

The challenges of owning a local business are numerous, but Scott embraces them wholeheartedly. He believes that if their small business can survive the COVID-19 shutdowns, they can withstand any obstacle that comes their way.

For Scott, community means strong bonds and unwavering support. He has a firm belief that local businesses play a vital role in shaping the character and vitality of a neighbourhood.

“When you shop locally, you’re not just supporting a business, you’re investing in the heart and soul of your community. Every purchase, big or small, helps to create a thriving and close-knit environment that we can all be proud of,” says Scott.

With dedication to fostering a strong local community, extensive experience, and top-notch services and products, when you support TANgelic Salon you can rest assured knowing that you are contributing to the strength of the neighbourhood. It is this collective support that motivates Scott and Lisa, helping the Riverview community to flourish and establish lasting connections that go beyond mere transactions. Whether you’re looking to sport a fresh tan for the fall or a beautiful nail design, TANgelic Salon is there for you!

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