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Byron Dobson Memorial Arena

Upcoming Events

The arena is currently closed for the season. Please check back in the Fall for opening dates. 

Save the date

  • Halloween Skates: October 26 & October 30

Rink Rules and Etiquette

  • Be respectful of others and use appropriate language and behavior.  
  • No pushing, shoving, sitting on side boards, and racing of any kind.
  • The center ice area is for younger and inexperienced skaters. Children learning to skate with parents should use the center ice area.
  • Skate facing forward and in the same directional flow as other skaters. Backwards skating is prohibited.
  • Food, drinks, and objects such as pucks, hockey sticks, strollers, sleds, etc. are strictly prohibited on the ice during all public skates.
  • Mobile device texting or recording on the ice surface is prohibited.
  • Everyone on the ice surface must be wearing skates. No boots are allowed.
  • CSA-approved winter helmets that cover the back and sides of the head must be worn for all ages when on the ice surface. No bicycle helmets allowed.
  • Adult supervision is required for anyone 11 years or younger. Adult supervision is defined as a responsible person, ages 14+, who must be in the facility watching from the stands or on the ice pending the skater needing assistance.
  • Failure to follow the above rules may result in being asked to leave the premises.
Please note that we are currently not renting for birthday parties.

For arena inquiries, please contact us.
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