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See below for skating schedule (effective October 24, 2020 - March 28, 2021)

This expansive two-pad arena now sports a fresh new look including six new dressing rooms, new public washrooms, four renovated dressing rooms, wheelchair accessibility to all levels, and a mezzanine room with a canteen overlooking both rinks.

COVID-19 guidelines (effective November 24)

Each individual user group will be responsible to abide by the following procedures and guideline for each scheduled use of municipal ice surface. User groups are to follow their own governing bodies’ operational plan.

  1. Active screening is required upon arrival to enter the arena. Active Screening means that the screening volunteer must ask all the questions on GNB’s Symptom checklist to everyone entering the arena. If you answer “YES” to any of the following questions, do not enter the building. Please return home and self-isolate and contact Tele-Care 811. 
  2. User groups will collect contact information for all players, coaches, spectators and volunteers who are associated with each group booking to assist in any contract tracing. Each entrant of the facility shall register with name, ice surface, contact number to facilitate contact tracing should it be required by the health authorities. 
  3. A face mask is required in all areas of the arena. The only exception of this rule is when the participant is on the ice surface. Face masks are required to be worn in the dressing rooms at all times. A face shield may be used in addition to a face mask. Face shields worn alone are insufficient and do not replace or substitute a face mask.  
  4. Social distancing of 2 meters must be maintained at all times in the arena. The only exception of this rule is while seated in the stands and while seated in the dressing rooms 1 meter social distancing is allowed.
  5. Participants will be directed to all entrances and exits of the facility. Signage will direct participants to and from their designated ice surface to control flow of patrons.
  6. User Groups will be permitted in the building 10 minutes prior to their ice time and must go straight to front row of the bleachers, and remain seated on the bleachers until their ice time. 
  7. User Groups must exit the building 10 minutes after their session. 
  8. Participants must come to the facility dressed in their equipment and ready for their activity.
  9. Dressing room showers will be closed for the season.
  10. User groups are not permitted to store personal equipment on the premises.
  11. User groups should sanitize equipment prior to and after their rental.
  12. Participants must use their own water bottles – absolutely no sharing! Please fill at home.
  13. Drinking fountains will not be available for use.
  14. Food and drinks are prohibited in all areas of the arena.
  15. Only one Parent or guardian whose child is 11 years and under are permitted in the arena. Upon entering the facility, Parent/guardian must go directly to the stands and remain seated on the marked seating spots and are asked to leave 2 seats between you and the next person to ensure 1 meter separation. Once ice time is over parent/guardian will assist their child with their equipment and leave the building. 
  16. Spectators/guardians are not allowed to stand by the rink glass for viewing. 
  17. Parents who need to assist their kids with skates can do so from front row of bleachers.
  18. Entry and exit of the lower arena will be done only by the lower parking lot doors. Entry and exit of the upper arena will be done only by the upper doors on Biggs Drive.
  19. Both upper and lower Mezzanines are closed to viewing for the season and Canteen is closed. 
  20. No individual who is not accompanying a participant or who is not a coach or referee or volunteer will not be allowed to enter the arena.
  21. Any User group, spectators/guardians not following the rules will result in their user groups next ice time being suspended or forfeited for the season.

Updated Nov 24, 2020

Skating Schedule (effective October 24, 2020 - March 28, 2021)

With regret, there will no public, child or youth skates offered at this time. Staff will monitor attendance figures to ensure COVID-19 guidelines are being followed.

Parent & Tot 

Mon – Fri

1:30-2:30 p.m. upper arena



Seniors Skate

Tues & Thur

10:30-11:30 a.m. upper arena



Adult Skate

(19 yrs & over)

Thur  9:15-10:15 p.m. upper arena


Rink Rules and Etiquette

  • Be respectful of others and use appropriate language. 
  • No pushing, shoving, sitting on side boards, and racing of any kind.
  • Center ice area is for younger and inexperienced skaters. Children learning to skate with parents should use the center ice area.
  • Skate facing forward and in the same directional flow as other skaters.
  • Food, drinks and objects such as pucks, hockey sticks, strollers, sleds etc. are strictly prohibited. 
  • Everyone on the ice surface must be wearing skates. No boots are allowed.
  • All children under the age of 13 must wear a helmet.
  • Mobile device texting on the ice surface is prohibited.
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