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Originally born and raised in the Town of Riverview, franchisee Natasha Roberts experienced her own personal success through Simply for Life, having finally reached her health goals after trying many different options. After returning to Greater Moncton, Natasha decided to leave her high-stress career to purchase the same Riverview location where she was once a client...Read More


Mental health can impact how we feel, how we behave and how we manage stressful situations on a day-to-day basis, and since mental health affects everyone differently there is no set service that acts as a one-size-fits-all. Ergon Inc. Life Centre is a not-for-profit organization located in the Town of Riverview that aims to provide a first-class therapeutic service...Read More


Recognizing the need for action, New Brunswick became the first province in Canada to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity and cyber innovation strategy, and with leading researchers, academics and global businesses like IBM, New Brunswick is able to provide a cybersecurity network unlike any other. But did you know that this type of leading expertise is also available in our very own backyard...Read More


JusFit is a premier community fitness, training and health centre that is committed to offering personalized service to those seeking to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Offering a complete line of cardiovascular and circuit equipment, free weights, yoga and an aerobic studio, JusFit is a great location to meet your goals while becoming part of a growing fitness community...Read More


Having been born and raised in the Town of Riverview, Colleen McGarrity couldn’t imagine having her business anywhere else. Growing up, Colleen witnessed hearing loss with her grandfather whose hearing aids were never serviced, eventually rendering them unusable. From that moment on, Colleen decided to dedicate her career to caring and servicing those that suffer from impaired hearing, and immersed herself fully in the field of audiology...Read More


With a growing demand for authentic and ethnic cuisine, finding a culinary artist that can bring you on an emotional journey to the food’s original birthplace is not an uncommon pursuit. What is uncommon is finding authenticity in a country that is 11,604 km away from its culinary origin. Luckily for the Town of Riverview, experiencing the true flavours of Thai cuisine is just around the corner...Read More


For Curtis and Charlotte, glassblowing remains a very large part of their everyday lives. Having moved to New Brunswick from Vancouver, B.C., owners of Glass Roots Inc. Gallery have found their place in the Town of Riverview. A welcoming community, tremendous civic support and a safe place to raise their young kids were only a few of the reasons that made Riverview an attractive choice...Read More


Fresh produce, hand-crafted trinkets and a sense of community are only a few of the things found at these markets, beyond a reduced ecological footprint. Seeing a need for such a gathering, Kelsie-Ann Caissie and Tosh Taylor decided to pursue their idea of bringing a mid-week market to the Town of Riverview...Read More


What if you were forced to leave traditional shopping in the past and head to a destination where you’re sure to find what you’re looking for? To take the guess work out of gift buying this holiday season, we’ve made a list of ideas to make sure that the gifts you give are as thoughtful as you are...Read More



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