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Business Spotlight: Glass Roots Inc.

The form of glassblowing is a technique that arose sometime in the first century by Syrian craftsman along the Palestinian coast. Gaining increased popularity by the Middle Ages, glassblowing remained a dominate industry that employed thousands. As the process became more streamlined, taking artisans from the furnace room and into a larger production facility, the art of glassblowing lost a great deal of its authenticity. Today the technique has since shifted, allowing for artistic creativity to once again be applied to an otherwise diminishing industry.

For Curtis and Charlotte, glassblowing remains a very large part of their everyday lives. Having moved to New Brunswick from Vancouver, B.C., owners of Glass Roots Inc. Gallery have found their place in the Town of Riverview. A welcoming community, tremendous civic support and a safe place to raise their young kids were only a few of the reasons that made Riverview an attractive choice. With its location as the bookend to Fundy National Park, owners of Glass Roots quickly realized the potential for continuous customer traffic.

Scheduled to open in Riverview this coming weekend, Curtis and Charlotte have big plans for their new gallery on Coverdale Road. Having operated successfully for the last ten years in a separate location, the gallery will offer various pieces of blown glass as well as jewelry, photography, hand-painted greeting cards and fiber works from surrounding artisans. The gallery will also feature local food products, a pop-up area to showcase upcoming artists from around the region - and if sales prove to be promising, the opening of a glassblowing studio.

Considering himself an entrepreneur by default, Curtis went from serving as a deckhand on fishing boats in Alma to being a proud gallery owner and full-time glassblower, fulfilling his lifelong dream of owning and operating his own venture. For this power duo, being close to nature yet still relatively close to an urban center allows them to prosper in both business and lifestyle. As their young one played and cooed on the studio floor it was easy to see why quality of life plays such a crucial role in site selection, and the Town of Riverview has plenty of that. Learn More

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